Moody Independent is dedicated to storytelling and understands that getting to a green light starts with a good script. The company is genre agnostic and seeks fresh scripts that entertain through interesting characters and unique situations. MI options books and screenplays and works with financiers to secure project financing for its own productions and co-productions. MI also seeks to finance films through pre-sales.

MI typically pursues talent and financing simultaneously. The company works with a handful of casting directors in LA and New York to attach name talent to its pictures.

Projects currently indevelopment include:


Full-length feature/ Comedy

Written by:  Annie Humphrey, Robert Poynter, Loren Tarquinio

Director:  Jim Issa

Synopsis:  Dale Bolio is a high school shop teacher in the grips of a deep depression.  His mother recently passed, his wife is leaving him, and he's not exactly respected at school.  His colorless life begins to turn around when he meets Chuck Swayze, a dynamic life coach hired by the school to inspire the students.  Dale and Chuck become fast friends until Dale discovers that Chuck is definitely not all that he seems.


Full-length feature/ Comedy

Written/ Directed by: C.J. Cox (Sweet Home Alabama, Latter Days)

Synopsis:  Didi, a 35-year old woman down on her luck, inadvertently unleashes a genie from a bottle who grants her three wishes.  After the first two wishes sour, she refuses to make the third wish causing the genie to be stuck with her.