Based in Boston, Moody Independent’s mission is to produce commercially viable independent films. Moody Independent brings together producing partners Mark Donadio and Miriam Marcus. The company has produced or line produced seven pictures over the past six years, with budgets between $1M and $10M. See our FILMOGRAPHY and our projects currently in DEVELOPMENT.

MI understands that a successful film is the product of a substantial collaborative effort, which begins with a smart script, meaningful talent, and a strong director, and ends with equally strong talent in the edit room.

Moody Independent options literary properties and produces its own films while also providing production management services enabling others to realize their feature filmmaking goals.

The company leverages partnerships in Los Angeles to gain access to the industry’s emerging and established talent, from agencies to writers, actors, directors, DP’s and other key personnel.

The company’s strong relationships in both New England and Louisiana make Moody Independent an attractive partner for producers seeking experienced production management for their film projects.